Drops is a creation of longtime friends, Sofa Gogiberidze and Natalie Mchedlishvili. For Sofa, having grown up in a family full of doctors and worked in the medical aesthetics industry for years, founding her own clinic has been a lifelong dream. Natalia initially fell in love with IV treatments during her study years in the US, where the procedure had been gaining a steady momentum; thus, the idea of bringing the treatment to Georgia was born. By harnessing extensive experience in the field, the duo founded Drops—the first and the only wellness IV drip center in Georgia pioneering a novel intravenous infusion approach. With their amazing cocktail menu, the two women wish to redefine the public’s perception of the procedure as solely a hangover cure, when in reality it has powers to address multiple health, beauty and wellness concerns—ranging from skin dryness to chronic exhaustion.
At Drops, we believe that everyone deserves to look and feel their best, which underscores the importance of optimal vitality and energy levels. We take our safety standards seriously and approach each guest individually.